How to choose abstract art for your home?

Every work of art responds to different aesthetic principles according to historical periods. While some artworks are characterised by a naturalistic style the other are being dominated by geometric patterns and accentuated stylisation.

Abstract art indicates the artist's conscious use of pictorial and plastic representation of sensible reality. Vova Titov developed his own remarkable autonomous language to communicate with the world through the oils and wood.

How to choose, therefore, the most suitable abstract work of art to exhibit in the rooms of your home? First of all you should try to ask yourself is abstract art more or less prestigious than figurative art?

Abstract art, in its various forms, generates lively controversy and no one questions its importance and it's representative position in the world of art.

Abstracting means "separating with the mind"

So what abstract artist is separating in his work? -Shapes, colours, lines, volumes. He tries to represent objects with authentic values without any reference to concrete and easily recognisable reality.  

Let’s for example take some well known masterpieces of the so -called figurative art, where the subject and the scene are easily recognisable when looked at directly: a landscape by Van Gogh, a still life of the seventeenth-century, a portrait by Gaugin ... What probably comes to mind first is how faithfully it represents the reality of things.

What determines the artistic value of a painting or sculpture is the set of-formal and expressive elements used by the artist: combinations of colours, lights, lines, shapes, volumes of composition and so on.

An abstract painting, in a certain sense, demands the same rights as music: to be appreciated for its harmony, for the beauty and colours of the lines without the need to see a real object. Without it, the work of art is pure, free from all relationship with reality.

Reality is not something to be defined, it is sometimes necessary to turn away from to free ourselves from the mental chains that block the imagination. In this way, attention is rather captivated by the bundles of colour impressed on the canvas, without any order: they branch out between unspecified lines and angles ready to give life to the painter's inspiration.

That's why an abstract painting is undoubtedly for bold art lovers who have personal taste outside of the box.

Where to start?

Well, the vast selection of Vova's original abstract art can be purchased at auction on catawiki. It offers a lively combination of colours and 3D forms that will adapt to even most demanding surroundings creating a comfortable environment in your home.  

Give shape to your style!

Basing on the predominant colours in your home, you can play on the contrasts obtained from the abstract paintings. You can arrange them in a combination with the colours of your furniture, walls, regardless of your style, either classical or ultra modern.

The abstract paintings are perfectly suited to any type of furniture because Vova takes great care with his works that, in the end, appears so spontaneous and almost as if he follows the flight of the imagination.