5 hottest interior trends for 2019

We all need a home re-design from time to time. Original items of furniture and unique paintings are a great way to spice up the appearance of any room in your house. More than just aesthetically pleasing, studies suggest that the home environment is important for our well-being and the artwork we choose to fill it with can have a significant impact on our emotions. If you're looking for some artwork inspiration, here are 5 of the hottest interior trends for 2019:

1. Line art

This simple, yet effective type of artwork can be incorporated into any room design. When it comes to abstract artwork, line art is always a popular choice and owners marvel at how the lines mean something different to them each time they view the painting. Black and white is the go-to colour for those hoping to achieve a more understated aesthetic, but line art with a pop of colour is best suited to a modern home with a preference for unique artwork.

Blue Abstract Composition by Vova Titov

2. Bold and abstract

Gone are the days when people "played it safe" with their selection of artwork. In 2019, the focus is on statement pieces that instantly become the focal point of any room. Select paintings that push the boundaries of art, using a combination of brush strokes and colours that instantly grab the eye. Vova Titov captures this bold trend perfectly in "Fish", a painting that merges icy tones with vibrant mustards and warm-toned reds.

3. A burst of blue

Many people stay away from cool-toned canvases, scared that they will make the room feel cold and unwelcoming. However, this couldn't be further from the truth and paintings that are created using various shades of blue instantly add style and sophistication to any room. Ideal for winter 2019, pair blue-toned abstract artwork with beige walls and the painting is sure to stand out.

4. Autumn hues

Warm-toned oranges and mustard yellows really never fell out of fashion. Best of all, the stunning colours of autumn are here to stay all year around. Reflect the season through your choice or artwork and adorn your walls with the beautiful colours of fallen leaves. Rustic artwork is popular in 2019, with a greater focus on artistic expression instead of crisp and clean lines.

5. Dark and understated

If dark-toned artwork calls you, then don't be afraid to cover your walls in it. There's a certain elegance to black and grey toned artwork, that makes any room look luxe and expensive. Morning in St. Moritz is a great example of dark and understated artwork and would look fantastic in a monochrome room.

Author Sarah Mcgee